My MSDN SharePoint 2013 Sample Apps

Recently, I was commissioned by Microsoft to create a set of sample apps for SharePoint 2013. The goal was to create samples that demonstrated various techniques in the context of doing something useful. The following table is the complete list ...[Read More]
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Using the FullCalendar Plugin in SharePoint 2013 Apps

UPDATE: This sample is now live and can be downloaded from here. As we all know, SharePoint 2013 has heavy emphasis on client-side programming. Because of this, I have had my eye out for a good jQuery calendar plugin to use with JavaScript. In ...[Read More]
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Uploading Files in SharePoint 2013 using CSOM and REST

Recently, I have been working through the process of trying to accomplish as many basic SharePoint tasks with both CSOM and REST as possible. My goal is to build a deeper understanding of what operations work in both approaches as well as streng ...[Read More]
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Using the When...Done Pattern with Promises in SharePoint 2013 Apps

I have written a couple of posts about using promises to control the sequential execution of asynchronous calls in SharePoint 2013. If you are new to promises, go back to the previous posts for more information. This post will assume you underst ...[Read More]
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Using Promises with the JavaScript Client Object Model in SharePoint 2013

I’ve discussed promises briefly in a previous post and have noticed that many SharePoint developers are starting to talk about them. If promises are new to you, read that short post first to come up to speed before continuing. Promises allow an ...[Read More]
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App Designs in SharePoint 2013

3/18/2013 Update: After presenting this material at a few user groups, I decided this article needs a better structure to present the ideas. So I have updated the table to reflect more nuance than just "good" and "bad". I'm i ...[Read More]
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Create a Search-Based Task Management Solution in SharePoint 2013

Task lists can be created in any site within SharePoint 2013, so it is often the case that someone is assigned tasks in multiple sites. In many cases, users might not even know they have been assigned a particular task. Setting alerts on all the ...[Read More]
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Print List App for O365

Available now in the SharePoint Store for O365   The Print List App provide a print view for issues, custom, task, links, announcements, events, and contacts lists in Office 365 sites. The following figure shows the print button in the ribbon of ...[Read More]
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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development

I just received word that the book I wrote with Ted Pattison on app development - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 App Development - should be out by the end of January 2013.   In the mean time, you can get the companion content from the O'Reilly site. ...[Read More]
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CAML Distinct Extension Method

Recently, I had a need to return distinct items from a SharePoint 2010 list based on a field in the list. Since CAML doesn't support this type of query directly, people have posted various approaches to solve the problem. Unfortunately, all of the ...[Read More]
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