My blog has moved

Starting in 2015, I have moved my blog to ITUnity ...[Read More]
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NuGet Package Restore Fails for SharePoint 2013 Provider-Hosted Apps

I often take advantage of the NuGet Package Restore capability to reduce the size of my projects when saving or sharing them. Today, I discovered an issue with this process when building SharePoint 2013 Provider-Hosted Apps against SharePoint Online ...[Read More]
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Introduction to Office 365 Development Webinar

Recently, I spent some time putting together a few Office 365 developer training modules and recoding some sessions for Microsoft Virtual Academy. The format for these sessions is a two-person panel discussion with slides and demos. I partnered up w ...[Read More]
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Office Developer Podcast

Check out the podcast I did with Jeremy Thake on JavaScript single-page applications and more. ...[Read More]
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Learn SharePoint 2013 App Development in Dallas, TX June16 -20

If you've seen me present at any SharePoint conference in the last 2 years, you know I'm all about closing the client-over-HTTP skills gap in the SharePoint developer community. If you're still writing server-side code and deploying WSP packages, no ...[Read More]
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CORS Domain Wildcarding for SharePoint 2013 Apps

I have been speaking for a while about the need for the SharePoint development community to move from simply consuming RESTful services to creating their own. If you buy into the argument that the future of programming involves client-side code ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Connections 2014 Call for Speakers

The IT/Dev Connections 2014 Call for Speakers is now open! This year’s conference is taking place Monday, September 15 - Friday, September 19 at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, with pre-conference workshops on Monday, 75-minute sessions Tuesday throu ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Conference 2014 Demos

Here is a list of the demos I’ll be doing at my 3 sessions. I’ll also be posting the code on my CodePlex site a few days before the conference. There’s a lot of exciting new technology so I hope to see you there!   SPC 400, 3rd party JavaScrip ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Conference 2014, Preparation Resources

Here are links to session prep materials for the conference.   SPC400,3rd party JavaScript libraries you need to know   SPC404,Build your own REST service with WebAPI 2   SPC413, Complex problem solving with the new HTML5 APIs   ...[Read More]
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SharePoint Conference 2014 New Technologies Session Matrix

The SharePoint 2013 App Development model requires SharePoint and Office developers to master a whole range of new technologies. These technologies are not SharePoint-specific, but have emerged as critical for success. The good news is that thes ...[Read More]
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