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I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Silverlight SharePoint Web Parts extension for Visual Studio 2010. I worked on this project with Paul Stubbs. This extension appears in the "Add Item" dialog when you are working on a SharePoint project. It will add all the necessary support to create and deploy a Silverlight Application to SharePoint. Try it out with these steps:
Note: Paul Stubbs has a nice video available in his post that complements this walkthrough.
1. Download and install the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools.
2. Download and install the Silverlight SharePoint Web Parts.
Creating a Hello, World! Project
1. Start Visual Studio 2010.
2. Select File>>New Project from the main menu
3. In the New Project Dialog, select to create a new Empty SharePoint Project.
4. In the SharePoint Customization Wizard, select to deploy the project into the root site of a site collection as a Sandboxed Solution.
5. Right click the new project in the Solution Explorer and select Add>>New Item from the context menu.
6. In the Add New Item dialog, select to add a Silverlight Web Part.
Add New Item
7. In the Choose Silverlight Project dialog, click the Add button to create a new Silverlight Application.
Choose Silverlight Project
8. In the New Silverlight Application dialog, uncheck the box entitled "Host the Silverlight Application in a new Web Site" and click the OK button.
New Silverlight Application
9. Open MainPage.xaml for editing.
10. Add a TextBlock to the application
<TextBlock>Hello, SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Web Parts!</TextBlock>
11.  Press F5
12. When the browser starts, navigate to the Site Pages library.
13. Open the new page SilverlightApplication1WebPartPage.aspx.
Web Part Page
Developing Silverlight Applications for SharePoint 2010 can't get any easier!
Posted by Scot Hillier on 4-Apr-11
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